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A full meal by itself - Mie Goreng!

22 Dec 2015, EATWATER
You don’t want to miss this! It’s a very easy dish to prepare and makes a wholesome and tasty meal with just 353 calories.

Foods that boost your metabolism in winter

09 Nov 2015, EATWATER
What do you do in the winter months when the tendency to exercise is less? How will you keep the pounds away and stay healthy? Try these fat-burning foods.

The Best Foods for Fall!

16 Oct 2015, EATWATER
As the weather gets colder, our bodies require extra calories to stay warm. But there are plenty of ways to get those calories – so why not chow down on these delicious foods that will perk you up during the changing season and keep you in the peak of health?

Low-carb, high-fat diets - fad or fab?

08 Sep 2015, EATWATER
In the last few years, we’ve discovered that many things we believed about foods are untrue. Here’s why high-fat/low carb or ketogenic diets have gained popularity.

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