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How breakfast can help you lose weight

06 Aug 2015, EATWATER
One of the leading bad eating habits of our time is skipping breakfast – and that habit will definitely cause you to gain a few pounds.

Why water really is ‘the elixir of life’

24 Jul 2015, EATWATER
Most of us take water for granted. After all, how often are we short of it? But imagine going just a day without any water at all.

Work out to work it

28 May 2015, EATWATER
This fine summer – the perfect time to exercise, might we add – we’re here to simplify exercise for you and help you make a habit of it. How? By making it easy!

Slimming up for the summer

22 Apr 2015, EATWATER
No matter your body type, it’s important to accept yourself and feel beautiful – loving yourself is one of the most important health and beauty tips there is! But looking to shed those winter pounds and have a healthy, active summer is good for both your mind and body – so if you’ve decided to take that step, here are a few simple tips to make sure you get slim – safely and gradually!

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